Do This 20-minute Barbell Workout for Stronger Arms

Most of us aren’t always happy with our arm workout and the outcome. 

While everyone opts for a different workout regimen based on their fitness goals, almost all gym-goers look for practical and quick exercises for more muscular arms. 

Arm strength is one of the most motivating factors that may drag even the laziest person to a gym. 

However, irrespective of a long and tiring arm workout, most people do not see a change and question their trainer on how to get bigger arms.

How to Get Bigger Arms?

There could be many reasons behind you failing to get your desired arm strength. However, one primary reason is your use of dumbbells over barbells on an arm day.

While dumbbells are safe and easy to exercise with, they limit you to pull a certain amount of weights. On the other hand, barbells allow you to lift as heavy a weight as possible and encourage faster arm progress

Moreover, barbells are the best tool to ace a quick and easy arm workout. 

So, maybe your long and slow struggle with strong arms is because you haven’t tried barbells or haven’t done enough arm exercises with weights of all standards. 

Don’t worry; it’s not too late. We have a 20-minute barbell workout planned for you.

20-Minute Barbell Workout for Your Arm Goals 

A barbell is a complex yet super effective weapon to achieve all your arm goals quickly. 

If you are tired of spending money on a gym subscription for nothing in return, try this 20-minute barbell workout. 

It includes four arm exercises with weights and aims to build more muscular arms. Repeat each exercise five times and finish a session within 20-minutes.  

So are you ready to ace this workout? Here we go! 

Exercise 1: The Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl is a classic exercise for solid biceps. To make sure it works out, keep your body stagnant and the back straight. Only move your arms. 

Also, start with lighter weights so that biceps can carry all the weight on their own. To start, follow the steps below:

  • Stand on your feet. 
  • Keep a shoulder-width distance between both your legs. 
  • Adjust your palms and use your arms to hold the barbell.
  • Exhale and slowly and gradually move the barbell in the direction of your chest. 
  • While you pull the barbell up, avoid any chest movement and let the arms do the job.
  • Hold the barbell in this position for a few seconds.
  • Once done, bring it back to its initial position.
  • Repeat this exercise five times as part of this workout

Exercise 2: Barbell Overhead Triceps

The overheard triceps exercise is one of the best movements to maximize the activation of muscle fibers. Moreover, a barbell gives you a firmer grip than a dumbbell.  

The steps below will help you conquer this exercise within a few tries. 

  • Hold a barbell and stand straight.
  • Use your hands to push the barbell over your head.
  • Your hands should be touching each other, and your palms must face forward.
  • Now give a slight bend in your elbows and gradually bring the bar behind your head.
  • While you do, keep your arms stagnant.
  • Move your elbows until they are positioned at 90 degrees. 
  • Take a pause and move back to the starting point. 
  • Repeat until you finish the five times cycle. 

Exercise 3: Barbell Row

The barbell row is an excellent pulling exercise that aims to strengthen your upper arms, shoulder, and back. It maintains a proper balance for your arm muscles.

To ace this move, read the instructions below:

  • Grab a barbell with a firm grip and stand with your feet apart. 
  • While you follow the first step, keep your one hand at a distance from the other. The distance should be equal to your shoulder-width. 
  • Now bend the knees and push the bar towards the ground.
  • Let it hang close to your thighs.
  • Keep a tight body and with squeezed shoulder, pull the bar up. 
  • Pull till it reaches your chest level.
  • Take a pause and restart again. 

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Exercise 4: Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press works on your upper body and arm strength. Moreover, it gives much-needed flexibility to your upper shoulders and triceps.  

Do you want to try? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Position yourself on a flat bench and face upwards.
  • Grab a barbell with hands placed slightly away from the standard shoulder-width. 
  • Lift the barbell upwards, and while you do, press your feet firmly against the ground.
  • Bend your elbows and pull the barbell towards your chest.
  • Once the barbell has reached your chest, use your feet to exert pressure on the ground.
  • With your arms, push the barbell back to its original position.
  • Extend your elbows, take a pause, and restart. 

Be consistent and follow these four arm exercises with weights. This routine may help you to achieve the arms you want. 

However, if you haven’t used a barbell before, keep safety as a priority. 

Barbells may be challenging to handle without practice. Therefore, take your trainer’s help for the first few days. 

Start with lighter weights and gradually shift to heavier ones. Take your time to get used to this tool, and then proceed to do all the exercises yourself. 

Final Words

The barbell is a great tool to plan a bigger arms workout. The results it produces are quick and efficient. 

With the 20-minute barbell workout above, you will witness remarkable progress in your arm’s strength. 

However, make sure to be consistent and safe. Besides, take a trainer’s help if you find these exercises hard to perform. May you succeed in your strong-arms mission!

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