Begin Running During the Pandemic? How to Stay Motivated And Avoid Injuries

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a massive shift in our priorities. Since last year, our routine has changed a lot from working from home and managing the chores side by side.

Our gymming and cardio sessions have been a greater part of this transition. Many people have brought their workout gears to their homes to focus on their physical health more. 

In case you don’t know, exercises do not just impact your body physically and keep it in shape but also strengthen you mentally. Honestly, that’s what we all need to stay sane in this situation.

Stronger immunity means more chances of recovering from the virus, and that’s why many people have started to run and jog to stay fit and healthy.

 A recent survey conducted by RunRepeat shows that around 28.76% of people began running during the pandemic, which they call the ‘Running Boom’ period.

If you’ve also included running in your routine, you must always look out for your physical safety and general wellness. 

Of course, running is good for your health, but experts suggest warming up your body and wearing appropriate gym shoes keep you motivated and safe from all the running injuries.

How to Avoid Running Injuries?

Running may keep you in shape, but it can also lead to severe injuries. Therefore, knowing the strategies to prevent them can keep you motivated towards achieving your fitness goals. 

Here are some of the ways that experts recommend to all the experienced runners as well as newbies:

1. Examine Your Health Condition Before Beginning

Even if you’ve already started running, it’s not too late to have your body examined for any severe health issues. 

Specific joint or knee diseases, like arthritis and osteoporosis, can affect your performance and increase your risk of foot injuries from running.

So if you have any such health problems, it’s better to discuss them with your health trainer or medical professional beforehand.

2. Identify and Achieve Your Running Goal

People start running for their own reasons. It could be to lose weight, improve their heart health, maintain their figure, or make new friends. 

Whatever the reason is, you must first identify it first and then start working on it. That’s because every goal is achieved at a different pace. For instance, if you want to improve your heart health, you have to run faster to make your heart beat faster. 

Likewise, if you’ve started running to lose weight, your body will require you to run at a slower pace but for a more extended period. 

Precisely, identifying, setting, and achieving goals create a safe place for you to run freely without the worry of getting any foot injuries from running. 

3. Always Warm-up Before and Cooldown After Running

Warming up is the best way to activate your muscles and prepare them for running. You can warm up your body by stretching, walking, or jogging slowly for like 5 minutes. 

Doing so not just prevents some common knee injuries from running, but also gives you the complete ability to stretch your legs for as long as you want. 

Moreover, if you face calf tightness every morning you wake up, stretching can help prevent this. This condition is the symptom of Achilles tendinitis, one of the most common foot injuries from running.

Additionally, don’t forget to move your core and ankle muscles as well. Do some easy ankle flexion and extension workouts before you run to incorporate each muscle into running.

Lastly, stretch for 5 minutes after you stop running to cool down your body and bring it to the normal pace.

4. Wear Appropriate Running Shoes 

If you used to run in your casual sneakers before, it’s high time you stop doing that and buy quality running shoes from an athletic store. 

The running shoes are manufactured especially to keep the wearers protected from all sorts of running injuries. Plus, they provide your body with the support it needs to keep you balanced, even on rocky surfaces. 

So invest your money into good running shoes and burn those abs!

How to Stay Motivated for Running? 

If at times you feel like skipping running and munching on your favorite snacks while sitting on your bed, it’s completely alright!

But if this is happening to you frequently and you’re worried about it, here are some tips to stay motivated to run every day.

Start At Your Own Pace

On days when you don’t want to run at all, push yourself and run for however long you can. Just forget your daily time requirement, and move your body for as long as you want. This way, you’re more likely to stay in the groove and keep safe from all running injuries.

Find a Running Partner

What could be more motivating than taking some time off your busy schedule and spending it with your loved one? You can make any friend your running partner and run with him on a bright sunny day without feeling bored or unmotivated.

Dress up Every Day 

If you love to dress up, you can go running in stylish athletic clothes too. Just hit a good workout clothing store, buy outfits in different colors and designs, and wear new clothes each day.

Create a Playlist and Bring the Mood

Upbeat songs can excite anyone, at any place. So create a playlist with the songs that keep you moving and put you in a good mood. Play it on repeat while running and stay in the groove.

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Wrap Up

All in all, if you’ve just started to run, you should focus on your safety over anything else. 

Before you go running again, make sure you’ve checked everything mentioned above. Like ensuring that you don’t have any health condition, identifying your goals, and run to achieve them wearing your athletic shoes!

It may be hard, in the beginning, to stay motivated and keep safe from the foot injuries from running, but soon you’ll get the hang of it. 

So if you don’t consider yourself a marathon runner already, start running today and you’ll find yourself halfway there already!

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