12 Best Bodyweight Leg Exercises

If you want to know how to get fit, you’ll have to do a little more than just watching Youtube videos on the subject. Instead, create a workout routine with bodyweight exercises to tone your lower body and perk up the booty. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to stay in shape by following twelve bodyweight exercises. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Peloton because these exercises require no equipment or machines. Let’s build some lean muscle. 

12 Bodyweight Exercises to Stay In Shape 

How to get fit when you can’t manage to pull your way through an extensive leg day? Here are some bodyweight exercises that you can do in your free time or incorporate into your workout routine. 

  1. Static Lunge 

Lunges are one of the best bodyweight exercises to work your legs. Get in the lunge position and bend your knee backward while lowering your body in a way that both knees are at 90-degrees to each other. 

Then, push your body towards the floor using your back, toes, and heel. Finally, push yourself back into the starting position. 

  1. Squats 

Squats are a great way to get a firm butt and toned legs. Stand straight and make sure your feet are hip-width apart. Move your hips backward like you would if you were going to sit on a chair while bending your knees. 

The depth of a squat differs from one person to another, depending on your anatomy and lower body strength. You should stop going any deeper when your knees start shifting forward. 

  1. Reverse Lunges 

Get into the lunge position and step backward with your right foot instead of going forward. Again, create a 90-degree angle as you would in a forward lunge. Come back to the original position by pushing through the left heel. 

While you’re standing up, thrust your right knee into the torso. Now, do the same steps on the other leg. 

  1. Jump Squat 

Do the same steps as you would in a normal squat. When you’re at the bottom, squeeze the glutes and propel yourself upward to jump. Then, use the momentum of your landing to continue the next squat. 

  1. Side-to-Side Lunge

In this bodyweight leg exercise, you must stand with your feet more than hip-width apart. Make sure your toes face forward and then bend the right knee to the side while shooting your butt cheeks back. Now, do the same on the other side to feel an inner thigh stretch.


You can also sync this exercise with arm movements for double the benefits. 

  1. Ski Jumps 

Stand straight and keep your feet hip-width apart from each other. Jump up and turn to your right at 45 degrees. Now, shoot your glutes and hinge your hips. The knees should be over the heels in this exercise. 

Finish a rep by jumping in the other direction. Continue doing this for two minutes at your desired speed. 

  1. High-Knee Toe Taps 

Put your hands on your sides or the hips and stand in front of a bench. You can do this exercise with a chair too. Now, tap your right foot on the chair. Then, swap your leg and tap the left foot on the bench or the chair. 

Do this on both sides quickly while keeping your chest lifted and back straight. 

  1. One-Leg Calf Raise 

Get into position by keeping your feet hip-distance apart. Now, raise your right knee to your hips and point your toes towards the ground. Keep your hands behind your head or on the hips. 

Now, lift up your left heel from the ground as high as possible and balance on the ball of your left foot. Make sure your core is tight. Hold this position for three seconds and let the heel come back to the ground slowly. 

Repeat these steps on the other leg. 

  1. Lunge With Toe Tap 

Stand straight and bring one leg forward. Bend your knee to position yourself into a lunge. Make sure the knee is right over the ankle. 

Then, hinge your bottom forward and tuck in the pelvis. Put 90% of the body weight on your front leg and move the back leg forward. 

Tap its toe next to the other leg’s foot. Now, go back to the starting position and do the steps on the other side. 

  1. Crusty Lunges 

Keep your feet hip-distance apart when standing. Now, put your left leg diagonally at the back of your right leg and move the knee into a lunge position. 

Then, push your right heel to bring the left leg to the original position. Now, do the same on the other side. 

  1. Lunge With Chest Lift 

Get into a lunge position, and then keep your spine straight while hinging the torso. Engage your core in this exercise and bring your chest almost parallel to the floor. Gradually, go back to the starting position. 

  1. Pistol Squats 

By now, you should have learned that squats and lunges are the best bodyweight exercises. For this exercise, stand straight, keeping the feet together. Lift the right leg a few inches from the ground and bring it forward. Keep your foot flexed. 

Then, bend your left knee and hinge the hips forward while sitting in a squat position. Extend the right leg up to your hip’s height and balance your body by keeping your arms out. 

Now, try to bend your knee to a 90-degree angle if you can. Don’t worry if you’re unable to do them initially, as they’re hard to perfect. 

Go back to the original position by pushing your left heel and straightening the leg. Now, do the same steps on the other side. 


While core and abs exercises are important, you also need to focus on your legs since they’re carrying the weight of the rest of your body. If you want to see how to stay in shape, follow the bodyweight exercise mentioned in this guide to notice your leg strength increasing in no time. 

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