10 Fitness Trackers that are worth your money

Fitness trackers are undoubtedly one of the hottest tech gadgets today. Modern watches are no longer just time tellers but fully equipped health assistants that help you measure every step that you take.

Because there are so many options to choose from, these fitness trackers are no longer a problem for your budget. Therefore, anyone can buy the best fitness tracker watch in whatever budget they may have. Don’t believe it? Let’s find out:

1. Garmin Vivo Active 4 Smart Watch

The Garmin fitness tracker gives you detailed info about your sleep, stress, and breathing patterns. The watch provides training plans, and there are all the smartwatch features like app downloads, contactless payments, etc.

Smart watch.

The battery life is quite sufficient. It can go on for eight days in the smartwatch mode. If you use it in GPS mode, it runs up to six hours. Some of the premier features in this watch include:

  • Garmin Coach with 5k, 10k, and half-marathon training plans
  • Preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps
  • Animated workout plans for Indoor exercises, cardio, and yoga

A stylish and sturdy design with the latest digital features makes it a great buy at $329.99.

2. Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker

Garmin is a pioneer when it comes to sports watches, and the Garmin Vivosport is one of the best fitness trackers going around these days. It features highly accurate heart rate monitoring, speed tracking, and built-in GPS.

The battery life is pretty good with up to seven days of operation, even with the GPS. It may not be the most suitable option for swimmers even though it’s water-resistant, but it’s great for tracking your fitness routines, cycling, and jogging, etc. Some other notable features include:

  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Color touchscreen
  • Links with smart scales to manage weight and body composition

This Garmin fitness tracker is priced at $159.99, and it’s a good option if you have a low budget.

3. Xiaomi Smart Band 6

If you’re looking for a cheaper option but don’t want to compromise on features, the Xiaomi Smart Band 6 is just what you need. The smartwatch has the signature Xiaomi smartwatch design, so it’s light on the wrist and comes with an AMOLED touch color display.

The watch connects through Bluetooth 5.0, compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 and their later versions. It features an impressive 14-day battery life and connects with the Mi Fit app to monitor your sleeping patterns, breathing, stress tracking, and blood oxygen saturation, etc. 

Here are some more features:

  • Fitness and weather tracking
  • Alarm, GPS, and Calendar
  • Bright and clear display

Lightweight and easy to manage, the Xiaomi Smart Band is available for $49.78 only.

4. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the mid-ranged smartwatches. It’s a comprehensive fitness tracker that buzzes you when you reach the desired heart rate during a fitness routine. It also tracks blood oxygen, and you can use it to pay through Fitbit Pay.

There is a built-in GPS that lets you track your speed; more features include sleep tracking, multiple workout-tracking modes, and notifications. An impressive seven-day battery time and 5 hours with GPS make it quite a competitor among the other fitness trackers.

Some other features include:

  • Spotify controller
  • Compatible with Android 7.0 and later, iPhone 5 and later, iPad 5th Gen or up, and MacOS 12 or later.
  • Skin temperature measurement
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

The Fitbit Charge 4 is priced at $129.95.

5. Fitbit Luxe

This one has quite an elegant design, so it’s a fitting option for the ladies. It features a 0.76-inch AMOLED display, having features like a heart rate monitor, GPS, stress and sleep tracking, breathing rate monitor, etc.

Its sturdy design with stainless steel case allows it for rough use, so it’s ideal for athletes. Some more features include:

  • Vibrant display
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Real-time speed and distance measurement

With a battery timing of up to five days, it’s a good deal for $129.95.

6. Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2 is one of the cheaper yet intriguing fitness trackers on show. You can earn active zone minutes with its tracker to complete the 150-minute pumping activity for the week.

In addition to that, there are more than 20 exercise modes that help you set and calculate fitness goals like burned calories, distance, etc. The battery timing is comparable to the best as it gives up to 10 days on a single charge. Some more features include:

  • Sleep tracking for deep, light, and REM Sleep
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Swim tracking up to 5 meters
  • Android and iPhone compatible

Fitbit Inspire 2 is a relatively cheaper option for $98.95.

7. Amazfit Band 5

If you want to enjoy smart features like Alexa, Amazfit Band 5 gives you just that. You can ask questions from Alexa and get translations too. There are timers, shopping lists, and weather updates are all available with the Amazfit Band.

Thanks to the Amazon Alexa and competitive price, it easily makes it among the best fitness tracker watch list. It manages health through a blood oxygen monitor, tracks high-intensity workouts, etc. It also offers an astounding 15-day battery life, probably the best among all other competitors right now.

Some notable features also include:

  • Heart rate and sleep tracker
  • Real-time distance measurement
  • Women’s health monitoring, i.e., period tracking and menstrual cycle notifications.
  • Android and iOS compatible.

Interestingly, you can avail all of it for just $39.99. Now that’s a tough price to beat!

8. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 starts tracking when you move. It tracks activities like hopping, running, thanks to the auto-detectors. Also, there is a sleep tracker, and you get all the data on the clear and curved AMOLED display.

It’s got Samsung’s signature battery life of up to 15 days. You can get phone notifications and reply instantly. Also, there are scheduling and forecasting options. Some other features are:

  • Swim ready and durable design
  • Calorie monitoring, daily steps, and water intake monitoring
  • Pairs with Galaxy Smartphone

It comes at a highly competitive price of just $59.99.

9. Polar Grit X

A person looking at their fitness tracker.

This is the best fitness tracker watch if you have a higher budget. It’s one of the lightest outdoor watches weighing just 64 grams. Unlike the other watches on our list, this one looks like a conventional outdoor watch but much lighter and has several smart features.

It’s one for the athletes and bodybuilders with features like overnight recovery measurement, polar flow, and training session planners. It also calculates altitude, uphill and downhill speed, and distance. Some other notable features are:

  • More than 130 sport profiles
  • Compass and barometric measurements
  • Water-resistant up to 100 m
  • Military level durability

Durable and made for rough and tough use, the Polar Grit is priced at $429

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10. Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Steel HR Sport is an intriguing design, quite similar to conventional watches. It lets you track heart rate throughout the day. You can also track calories, steps, and distance and monitor sleep patterns, cycles, and interruptions.

Its multisport tracking feature lets you monitor fitness levels through VO2 estimation. You can track more than 30 sports with an excellent battery timing of up to 25 days. More features include:

  • Smart notifications
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

It’s a hybrid design available for $159.96.


Fitness tracker watches are available in abundance, so it’s obviously hard to pick the one that suits your needs and the budget. Therefore, this list covers a wide range of features and prices. These fitness tracker reviews should help you buy a sturdy and reliable fitness tracker watch at whatever price you can afford.

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