Worried About CBD Hurting Your Liver? What the Experts Have to Say

The CBD is an active compound (non-psychoactive) of cannabinoid or hemp that is highly applauded for its health benefits. There is a whole world of benefits linked to CBD, from anti-inflammation to regulating sleep and tackling nausea to fight seizures.

The CBD market is snowballing as people are getting more aware of its health benefits. But the FDA states that they have limited data about CBD and its effects, yet companies could be selling mislabeled CBD products, which implies potential health threats.

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One of the major concerns around CBD is its harmful effect on the liver. A recent study (on mice) concerning CBD liver effects shows that taking too much CBD for a long time can cause liver damage. After this study, the CBD market has stirred up for its potential risks.

  • Is it true that CBD can damage the liver? 
  • Should you be concerned about CBD consumption? 

Here we will spill all that experts have said and are saying regarding the CBD liver harm:

What Did the Study Unveil?

The researchers of the University of Arkansas studied the effects of CBD on mice. They examined the effects of different CBD dosages on eight weeks old mice. The mice getting high CBD dosage (200 mg per kg of the human weight equal) indicated liver damage.

On the flip side, the continuous dose of 50 mg per kg of the human body weight equal also revealed the signs of swelling and liver damage. 

The researcher further explained that the CBD amount they gave to mice is not comparable to everyday scenarios, but it does reveal potential threats to CBD overdose.

Should You Be Worried or Not?

The experts are reverting to the queries more after this study. They put forward, and there is no need to worry about CBD liver damage. Why? Because the results of the study on mice were bleak on many verges.

The primary reason to not worry about liver damage is that the researcher was giving an unrealistic amount of CBD to the mice. The CBD  amount is much higher as compared to when you take it for therapeutic tenacities.

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Furthermore, the mice study reveals that consuming more CBD does not indicate that you will be enjoying the best out of CBD. It points out that under no circumstances must you take the CBD amount that leads to damage.

The founder of Tesséra Naturals, Jason Cohen, regarding the mice study, explained that the mice were given a dosage that is equal to the maximum recommended dose of drug Epidiolex (FDA-approved medicine for seizures and epilepsy). Moreover, the said drug is used as per the medical expert’s prescription, not without it.

He further said that the dose given to mice was over 1300 mg CBD per day for an adult of 68 kgs. This number is much higher than a usual CBD consumer does. 

The most common CBD consumption range is 10-80 mg per, that too with a bit of high dose for insomnia patients.

What Amount of CBD is Safe?

The recommended safe range is from 0.5 mg per kg to 20 mg per kg of body weight for humans. Moreover, medical experts suggest that you must take half of this dosage at one time of the day and a half dosage at another time. This way, your liver will be getting some resting time to restart digesting CBD.

Is It Safe to Consume CBD?

If you think CBD is a controversial compound, you may be right. However, you may be wrong in thinking that the whole compound is a threat to health. CBD has been quite popular in today’s health and wellness industry, with many benefits, but there have been concerns over CBD product labels.  

The FDA shows concerns that many companies may be selling mislabeled and under-labeled information of CBD products.

A recent report by the Bureau of Cannabis Control has exposed concerning results. They indicated that up to 80 percent of the selling CBD products had different compounds than mentioned on the labels. 

So chances are you might be ingesting more or less of CBD than it’s mentioned on the labels.

In addition to mislabeling, there is the possibility that CBD products might contain other Cannabinoid compounds, including THC. Such compounds are a real threat to your health and since they can cause hepatotoxicity if you take them in significant amounts.

CBD products come in different potencies that range from 2.2 mg to 5000 mg in each package. Such varying potencies might be a potential threat to CBD liver damage because it confuses the consumers when they buy over-the-counter CBD products. 

There’s always a probability of getting a higher or lower concentration of CBD than what they are supposed to consume.

The study of CBD’s effects on mice, conducted by the University of Arkansas, raised concerns over CBD consumption. People were more concerned about the effects of CBD liver enzymes. 

However, experts had a different opinion. According to them, the amount of CBD that mice were ingesting is much more than what the medical experts usually suggest or what people usually consume. 

As the comparison was not realistic, the deduction could mislead people into thinking CBD is unsafe. In a nutshell, there is not much to worry about unless you are not exceeding the recommended range.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that CBD is safe for your health unless you take it to the recommended dosage. But then again, with companies selling misleading and mislabeled information about CBD products, there is a potential that you might be taking an unsafe amount of CBD.

So for that, experts recommend using CBD products that are backed up the third-party lab testing. This way, you will guarantee that what you consume is precisely mentioned on the labels.

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