The Top 7 Foods That Cause Acne


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People often blame the polluted environment for an increase in skin ailments, especially acne. Although it is accurate, it is not the primary trigger for causing acne. 

If you are among the ten percent of the global population who face acne, there could be several factors behind your condition.

Nonetheless, diet is undeniably the integral factor behind acne. Several research pieces have shown that your food intake types have a big say in your skin’s well-being.

Our diet is a complex mixture of a wide variety of food components. And many of them have the potential to cause acne if they use them unregulated.

However, some foods have a greater tendency to develop acne upon ingestion. Therefore, dive through this account below. To your amazement, here you will find some foods that you thought were harmless.

And by the time you reach the end, you will have an answer to your acne issues, and more importantly, the solutions/healthy alternatives. Foods that produce glowing skin without any specks. So, let’s begin without further ado!

The Top 7 Foods That Can Induce an Acne Breakout

We have carefully compiled an all-inclusive list of foods where the likelihood of causing acne is greater than the rest. Moreover, we have selected them based on credible research. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing short of the truth. Here it goes:

Dairy Goods

Contrary to what most mothers believe, a more generous amount of milk does not mean better health. Milk and milk-derived items like cheese and yogurt are an essential part of our diet. In fact, most of us begin the day with a glass of milk.

According to research, an excess of milk consumption was directly linked to an increase in acne production. Moreover, its insulinogenic property makes it even more sensitive for people with acne. 

The added lab procedures make them less suitable for our health. Numerous items in our diet contain these refined carbs.

Processed bread, white flour, and soft drinks are the big three in refined grains and sugars. Moreover, research has shown us that people who tend to eat big portions of such items have acne more often.

Fried Foods

If you don’t like this item mentioned under the list, we feel you! But there is no turning away from reality. 

Fast food is perhaps the chart-topper when it comes to foods that cause acne. It contains high amounts of fat, spice, and refined carbs.

Studies show that all three of them cause a dramatic increase in acne. In fact, 43% of people who consume a high-fat diet are susceptible to acne. Although it is challenging to remove them from our diet entirely, experts suggest reducing them as much as possible.

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Protein Supplements

Protein supplements like whey protein are rapidly gaining popularity. More people are working on their diets, and these supplements provide them with a reasonable opportunity to get their daily dose of proteins.

However, taking them too often is unideal for our skin. Increased protein levels are known to stimulate acne production, not only face-acne but also back-acne.

Extra Spicy Food

You must have had experts school you to reduce the amount of spice from your diet. Even if you think that it takes your food’s taste downhill, the perks you gain are worth it! 

Health professionals strongly advise people to reduce spices from their diet as it is associated with acidity and dyspepsia.

Furthermore, studies have shown that elevated spice levels in our bloodstream trigger the onset of an acne burst. These are pro-inflammation compounds like capsaicin cause an increase in acne.

Common Allergens

Many of us are allergic to different substances in the diet. Allergens are such compounds or food components that elicit an immunological reaction upon ingestion. 

Moreover, research has uncovered that the presence of immunological compounds in the blood is the primary cause of acne.

If you have seen a person develop acne in short bursts right after eating something, that is because they are allergic to it. 

The skin responds by misfiring and trapping harmless substances by confusing them as pathogens. This results in the formation of acne blisters.


Last but not least, chocolate can also cause acne if you consume it too often. However, the chances of it developing acne are way less than the six foods we have mentioned above.

Regardless, the odds are not zero. Research showed that people who consumed high doses of dark chocolate for two weeks developed acne.

Up till now, you must have realized that everything works placidly if you eat within controlled limits. Therefore, the best way to go about it is by maintaining a balanced diet. However, you can replace the foods mentioned above to deal with it with an iron hand.

Here are some solutions to gradually replace the foods that cause acne with healthier alternatives; foods that produce glowing skin:

Some Tips to Reduce the Risk of Acne

Like there are pro-inflammatory and high-protein items, there are other options that are beneficial for reducing acne. You don’t need to make the shift abruptly. However, the sooner you shift to having a balanced diet, the better.

Moreover, reducing the amount of the seven foods mentioned above will also work for you if your acne is not that severe. Anyway, here are seven items you can eat for helping you with acne:

  • Low-fat diets
  • Low-protein diets
  • Green tea
  • Omega-3 containing foods like fish
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agents like turmeric
  • Vitamins A, D, and E

Final Words

The primary objective is to maintain a balanced diet. You can replace the foods that cause acne with other items without depriving your body of essential nutrients. Therefore, we suggest you decrease the consumption of such items step-by-step.

In that regard, the shift would be much more manageable. Finally, you don’t need to delete the foods that cause acne from your life unless you are allergic to them. Instead, use them within limits, and you will be good to go!

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