How Does CBD Affect Your Weight?

Since its introduction in the United States, CBD has become a fan-favorite. It generates a wide variety of effects upon intake. People use it to get through their bustling workdays as it provides an energy kick.

Whether you need a good night’s sleep or an instant energy boost to keep you up and running, CBD is a viable option. Furthermore, the list does not end here. 

Taking CBD has several outcomes. And perhaps the most intriguing effect is its role in altering our body weight.

Can it help you with your weight loss regime? If you are skinny, can you use it to gain weight and get in shape? How does cannabidiol affect your weight? 

To find answers to these and more questions, go through this concise, informative account!

Where Does CBD Go Once it Reaches Your Body’s Inside?

Cannabidiol is the most prominent cannabinoid present in the Cannabis sativa extract. People have been using it for centuries for its notorious energizing and soothing effects.

But the question of the hour is how does it affect your weight? What exactly does this compound do inside you?

Upon ingestion or inhalation, it diffuses through the bodily membranes and reaches the endocannabinoid system inside the central nervous system. There, it binds to selected receptors.

This binding, in turn, acts as a stimulus signaling your body cells to alter their metabolic rates.

When the cells use a changed amount of energy reserves, it ultimately affects our body weight in the long term. But, how does it affect our weight? Read on to discover!

How Does CBD Affect Your Weight?

Scientists and leading nutritionists joined hands and did multiple pieces of research in pursuit of finding CBD’s potential effects. To your amazement, they have made groundbreaking discoveries unearthing cannabidiol’s direct influence on your body weight.

However, you need to understand that cannabidiol is not a primary medicine or supplement that you can take to gain or use weight. In fact, the FDA has not approved CBD’s use in any form.

Regardless, CBD enthusiasts from around the globe have shared their positive experiences with the herb. Therefore, let’s see what it does inside our body. Importantly, does CBD help you gain weight or lose it?

Some Effects Cannabidiol Generates Inside The Human Body

Although CBD has a diverse set of impacts it generates upon ingestion, we will be discussing the most relevant ones. Needless to say, every effect is based on credible research. So, here are three of CBD’s effects that influence your weight:

Boosts Metabolism

Studies have disclosed that cannabidiol interacts with the CD1 and CD2 receptors directly linked with our metabolism. It stimulates those receptors and signals your cells to do more activity.

Not only does this give you a sudden energy boost, but it also consumes the energy reserves, affecting your overall body weight.

Moreover, another study involving animals indicated that subjects to whom researchers gave controlled doses of the herb showed a net loss in weight over some time.

Converts White Fat Cells to Brown

These two types of fat have distinct roles in your physiology. The former is an energy reserve that is responsible for the fat belly and love handles. The latter acts as a thermoregulator and generates metabolic heat to keep you warm.

CBD converts the former into the latter. Therefore, our body produces more heat by burning calories in areas where the brown fat resides. This burning of calories causes a net loss in your total body weight.

Increases Appetite

Conversely, CBD has the potential of generating an effect that is the exact opposite of the two mentioned above. Studies have shown that people who consumed cannabidiol had a net increase in their appetite. They consumed more food on average.

And if that’s not clear enough, an increased appetite will ultimately result in increased body weight. Moreover, another piece of research involving children indicated that CBD oil made them more hungry.

So here you have it. Research has proved CBD affects your body weight. But is this impact enough to make significant changes? Let’s find out!

Does CBD Help you Gain Weight?

As we have seen earlier, studies indicate that cannabidiol can increase your body weight in two distinct phenomena. Primarily, it interacts with the receptors and induces an increase in appetite.

The incremented appetite makes you eat more food during every meal. Although it might be a minor change, it will significantly impact if you use it daily. Do we recommend using CBD for gaining weight?

As the FDA is still to release a medicinal chart associated with CBD, we cannot make an unofficial or official recommendation at this instant. However, you can try this herb individually and continue using it if it works for you!

CBD for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Contrary to gaining weight, if you plan to use CBD for weight loss, it might be beneficial. We have already seen that cannabidiol can assist your weight loss journey in two distinct ways. 

Firstly, it ramps up your metabolic activity, making cells work double time. Secondly, cannabidiol increases the brown to white cell ratio, increasing the number of calories burnt during the generation of metabolic heat. 

Both of these changes work in harmony to reduce your overall body fat content, and ultimately, your weight.

But the million-dollar question remains; is it practical for a proper weight loss regime? Well, it is hard to predict. Although the FDA has not approved of its use in this niche, people gave it a shot. And a vast majority of them benefited.

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Is Trying CBD for Weight Loss/Gain Worth a Shot? – The Final Verdict

CBD undeniably has the full potential to affect your body weight. It can either increase the weight or decrease it. Evidence is present regarding both impacts. However, the data we have is still not conclusive enough to deem CBD a primary option for gaining/losing weight.

But we are hopeful of researchers! Several studies are in process, and we can expect positive results. Until then, we can continue administering CBD as a supplement to complement our weight loss/gain diets.

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