CBD Not Working For You? Here Are 5 Possible Reasons Why

CBD products have become a huge new trend on today’s market for at-home remedies. Much like these remedies, they may not work for everyone. 

While it is shown that CBD products do well in testing for certain afflictions among the market, it will never be a perfect solution. So you may be asking, “why doesn’t CBD work for me?” 

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The answer may be simpler than you think. Before we go into some of the reasons why CBD is not working, let’s understand what CBD is. CBD is also known as cannabinoid, which is a component of cannabis.

It is the second most prevalent compound behind THC, which most of us know as the substance that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects. 

CBD, however, does not provide the same effects and works more to relieve joint pain, stress, anxiety and even helps with reducing seizures. In some cases, it seems that CBD may not appear to reduce any of these ailments. 

Today we will go over a few reasons as to why CBD does not work for you.

It May Not be for You

We will start with the simplest explanation. CBD products may not be what works best for you. This can be caused by several factors, including your body’s biochemistry, metabolism, and even genetics. Unlike other people, simply put, your body may not react well to it. 

So put, with your body, CBD may not work. But if you are experiencing the symptoms that CBD is known to treat, consult with your doctor to figure out the best course of action.

You May Need to Build Up More of It in Your System

While some people feel the effects occur almost immediately, it may take you some more time than others to start feeling the effects. 

For most people, it is easiest to start with lower dosages and then to work up to find the right amount. You never want to start with higher dosages if your body reacts negatively to it, but then you may not be sure how much is too little. 

It is best to consult with your doctor or reputable CBD vendors who would know more to prescribe a certain dosage. Over time though, people begin to feel the effects after prolonged usage. Sometimes it may be worth it to ride out the wait and see what amount works best for you.

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There isn’t a fixed dosage for CBD. But it is best to start slow and build up if you feel like you have not reached the desired effect.

The Way You Are Taking It Is Not the Most Efficient

Because CBD products come in all sorts of forms and varieties, some products are much more efficient than others. For example, if your issue is chronic joint pain, putting CBD oil into your coffee may not be the quickest route.

You may want to look into a topical cream that would absorb directly into the problem area. All-in-all it is best to find which products best suit your needs before completely counting out CBD and CBD products.

You May Need to Allow More Time

Unlike what we said earlier, where we specified that you might need to build up to it, sometimes you are already giving yourself the correct product and dosage. It may just take more time to travel throughout your system. 

Sometimes, waiting will not just fix this in an hour or two, and some people see the effects starting to appear after weeks or months. Of course, if your ailments are much more serious, it is best to start looking into different options, including actual medication.

If you still feel that CBD products are the route you want to go, try a different brand. When trying CBD products, the rule of thumb is to give it no more than a month or two. Otherwise, you may be wasting more time than actually reducing the issues.

The Source May Not Be Reputable

This one is the hardest to try and traceback, but it does happen. You may have tried several products and waited several months to no avail, but it may not even be your fault. No matter the product, part of any market includes brands and products that simply do not work and are just there to make money.

It is not always a case of false advertisement, but rather that the product’s quality is not up to snuff.

According to a study done by the FDA, of 84 CBD products that they researched, only about 30 percent had the amount of CBD that was being advertised. 

So what should you look for when looking into CBD products?

Firstly, look to make sure that the brand is a well-established one and that you are not just buying some product with buzzwords on it. Next, look into reviews for each product. Some of the most trusted sources can be the very customers who have used the products. 

Lastly, see how much researchers did testing with said product. If the product seems as if it has not undergone any testing, it is best to avoid this product.

The CBD market is largely unregulated, which is why it is best to do your research before buying any of the products. 

These are just some reasons which might answer the question, “why doesn’t CBD work.”

Final Words

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There may be many more reasons besides these that may point to why CBD does not work for you. The most important thing to consider is to understand if CBD products are right for you. Always consult your doctor before beginning any regimen that includes CBD. 

CBD may not be right for you, but it is best to look at all options. Another big key to everything is just to be patient, and hopefully, you find what works best for you. We hope this has helped you find a solution or help you find the right route to one.

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