6 Dermatologists Reveal Their Winter Skincare Routines

As much as we love the festive season and snuggling up beside the fireplace, the colder weather isn’t exactly gentle on our skin. On the one hand, you’re dealing with chapped lips and rough palms, while on the other, eyebrow dandruff is suddenly a problem in your life. 

Well, you’re not the only one with these problems. Even the people who help us get through these problems – the dermatologists – have these skincare concerns. 

Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist, says that as the air starts chilling, the body narrows its blood vessels to retain the head inside. Due to this, the skin’s outer layer becomes dull and dry. 

So, your skin might start flaking or cracking. Since dermatologists understand what’s happening to the skin in winter, they’re likely to come up with better winter skincare routines than us ordinary folk. 

That’s why we’ve combined winter skincare routines and advice from six dermatologists that you can follow to keep your skin smooth and hydrated even during the chilly season. 

Cleansing the Skin

Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s dermatology department, says that he uses a hydrating cleanser to wash his face. 

The important thing to pick up from his advice is using a ‘hydrating’ product. He says that during the winter season, you have to be particularly careful not to strip your skin of its oils. 

He uses Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser to keep his skin clean without removing the dermal protective barrier. 

Another dermatologist offering the same advice is Deanne Robinson, the president of Modern Dermatology of Connecticut. However, she uses ISDIN Micellar Solution during the winter. 

She suggests using a non-soap cleanser to help remove makeup and cleanse the skin while hydrating it. 

A Moisturizing Sheet Mask 

Dr. Jaliman says that using a sheet mask allows the ingredients to get deep into the skin’s layers. That’s why she puts on a sheet mask after getting out of the shower. 

When asked about her favorite product, she opted for the Lierac Paris Comfort Mask, saying that it contains different nourishing ingredients. 

These include mango butter, shea butter, and apricot oil. According to her, these ingredients are rich in fatty acids and skin-nourishing vitamins. Therefore, it’s good to give your skin a dose of these naturally rejuvenating ingredients. 


The winter season brings along dry air, which strips your skin of moisture too. Even though they might use different products and methods, all dermatologists will tell you that moisturizing is crucial during the colder season. 

Dr. Robinson said that she prefers SkinBetter Hydration Boosting Cream because it’s a ceramide-based skincare product. Such products are rich in fatty acids. Therefore, they’re good for skin function and essential for the upkeep of the skin barrier. 

On the other hand, Dr. Jaliman uses CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion because it has hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Both these ingredients combat dryness while plumping the skin. 

You should also consider using a moisturizing body wash along with applying the best moisturizer for dry skin on your face. Dr. Jaliman prefers the Dove Deep Body Wash for preventing skin dryness due to washing during winter. 

Meanwhile, Doris Day, the director of Day Dermatology and Aesthetics, has a full washing routine to keep her skin hydrated and soft during winter. First, she uses Olay Ultra Moisture on her skin, and then she goes in with the Clarisonic Mia Smart Cleansing Brush

It’s an electric cleaning tool that makes the skin six times cleaner than when you wash it with your hands. She says that she uses this brush because it lessens the amount of time she has to spend in the shower. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

If the sun isn’t out and shining as it does in summer, that’s no reason not to apply sunscreen. Ava Shamban, the founder of Skin Five, says that she applies the same amount of sunscreen in the winter as she does in the summer on her neck, face, and hands. 

Dr. Robinson says she uses ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica Ultralight Emulsion to keep her skin safe from the effect of UV rays in winter. The cream contains vitamin E, zinc, and photolyase. The latter is an enzyme involved in skin repair. 

Therefore, the cream serves two purposes. First, it protects the skin from the sun’s harsh effects. Second, it repairs the damage caused by previous exposure to sun or air pollutants. 

Dr. Robinson further advises that you should wear sunscreen every day, not just on sunny days. 

Deirdre Hooper, the co-founder of Audubon Dermatology, reveals that she likes EltaMD UV Lotion Sunscreen for fighting dry skin and UV rays. Additionally, she also vouches for the effective functioning of Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum.

Use an Antioxidant Serum

Dr. Zeichner explains that antioxidants help lower inflammation by removing free radicals. They also brighten up the skin while preventing hyperpigmentation. 

He prefers using PCA Skin C and E Max Strength because it doesn’t have water and applies on the skin as smooth as a cream. 

Dr. Robinson considers ALASTIN Restorative Complex the Holy Grail for antioxidation since it supports proteins in her skin. The serum’s components build elastin and collagen to ensure the firmness of the dermis. 

Don’t Miss Out On Lip Balm

When you’re searching for the best moisturizer for dry skin, don’t forget your chapped lips. Dr. Jaliman explains that you should wear lip balm during the winter to prevent dryness. Additionally, if your home is overheated, it could be causing problems too. 

For that, use a humidifier to neutralize the effect. 

You can use any lip balm that contains jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, wheat germ oil, or aloe vera. However, Dr. Jaliman’s favorite ingredient for a balm is calendula oil. 

She also advises against using matte lipsticks since they dry out the lips. 


When curating winter skincare routines for yourself, use the advice given by the six dermatologists in our guide to keeping your skin hydrated, nourished, and radiant. 

Sure enough, winter is a drying time of the year, but with the best moisture for dry skin in your bag, you’ll always have flawlessly smooth skin. 

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