6 Beauty Experts Share Their Best Blackhead Techniques

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Blackheads on the face can be a pain as they are hard to hide and removing them is an endless cycle. Paired with redness and other skin icks, they can be very annoying to deal with. 

Blackheads occur when the pores on your face become clogged with dead cells and oxidized in the presence of air to turn black. If you have noticed blackheads appearing on your skin that didn’t exist before, it’s the tiny price you’re paying to stay COVID free. 

Rest assured that this unwelcomed skin issue is one of the most commonly occurring problems. This post explores how to get rid of blackheads by sharing blackhead-busting techniques of six experts for naturally clear skin. 

6 Blackhead Techniques by Beauty Experts

Everyone wants to know the secret on how to get a clear face, and people experiment with skincare products more than ever before. A 2020 report from NPD found that more women in the US are using facial skincare products today compared to one year ago. 

The most picked products include cleansers, exfoliators, and scrubs, which also has to do with mask-wearing throughout the year. 

The appearance of blackheads on your face can also have underlying causes or it can simply be genetics playing their role. The good news is, it is possible to treat and prevent blackheads from appearing. 

While there are numerous products in the market that claim to solve the blackhead problem, only some of them make a difference in your skin’s appearance.

Below, we share the tips of six beauty experts on how to get rid of blackheads and clear skin tips for a healthier-looking face. We also have product recommendations that you can add to your skincare routine to get clear skin naturally. 

Use Gentle Facial Cleansers

We know it is very tempting to try to scrub off the blackheads with a hard scrub, but it’s not always the best way. 

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Deanne Mraz Robinson, a dermatologist with award-winning experience in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, told Glamour that a harsh scrub dries out the skin and can lead to overproduction of sebum, making the blackhead situation worse. 

Robinson prefers gentle cleansers especially those with glycolic acid to keep the complexion clear. It is also not a good idea to use bar soap on your face. Bar soaps strip your skin of much needed moisture. Instead, use a facial cleanser coupled with a cleansing oil for deep cleansing. 

While it is satisfying to exfoliate excessively, it can lead to redness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. It is important to let your skin shed dead cells naturally. You can always do mild exfoliation to speed up the process. 

Steam your Face Before Extraction

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Before you try to extract blackheads, it is necessary to soften up your skin with steam. The celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau told Who What Where that applying warm steam to the face makes the extraction process easier. Once you have prepared your face, you will leave no red marks behind. 

While talking to Glamour, Rouleau advised taking a shower and then applying heavy moisturizer on the area for extraction. She explained the function of the moisturizer to trap in the heat for easier extractions. A facial massage can also help prepare the skin which she adds to her clear skin tips. 

Cleanse and Calm Your Skin

Another crucial step before extraction is cleansing your hands with an antibacterial soap. This will prevent any infections that might flare up due to open pores. 

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After extraction, dermatologist Dr Lynn Chiam recommends using an astringent lotion to close your pores. In addition to that, use an antibacterial soothing gel to calm it down to avoid any damage to the skin. 

Use Pore Strips Carefully

If you have searched for how to get rid of blackheads on face, you most likely have come across pore strips. Pore strips literally pull out the debris and oil from your pores, removing blackheads effectively. However, they can strip the moisture of your skin leaving it dry and irritated. 

A better option is to use pore strips occasionally and moisture afterward to balance out the effects. Talking to Insider, Dr. David Lortscher, board-certified dermatologist and CEO of Curology, suggests avoiding pore strips only got the skin on the nose. He also suggested limiting the use of strips to keep skin healthy. 

Moisturize Thoroughly

How to get a clear skin naturally? You have to maintain balanced skin oil levels to minimize blackheads. A consistent skin care routine will keep your skin plump and glowing. 

You might feel like applying too much moisturizer will make your skin oily. But, not enough moisture is also a problem. On the other hand, oils that are too heavy such as olive or avocado oil can clog your pores. 

The New York City celebrity aesthetician, Christine Chin, told Glamour that overly dry skin can produce more oil that leads to more blackheads. Hence, it is crucial to keep the skin’s moisture levels balanced using a moisturizer with squalane oil as it is non-comedogenic. 

Retinoids for Treating Blackheads

Blackheads are a combination of oil and dead skin cells that are exposed to air and they can be extracted. They can also be treated with products containing retinoids, Dr. Rachel Nazarian told Insider. Most retinol-infused products in skin care routine can help you in getting rid of blackheads and other forms of skin problems. 

Laurel Naversen Geraghty, M.D., a certified dermatologist, recommended topical retinoids such as tretinoin cream in a Glamour post. According to Geraghty, a thin layer at night can help unclog pores and prevent blackheads and whiteheads. 


You cannot eliminate blackheads permanently, but you can learn how to get rid of blackheads. Follow the above blackhead techniques of beauty experts to maintain a consistent skincare routine that prevents small blackheads from popping up. 

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