5 Weight Loss ‘Rules’ Doctors Want You to Stop Following

Did you ever get up in the morning one day and looked at yourself in the mirror and thought it’s time to rethink your body weight? Well, maintaining a perfect figure is on everyone’s mind, especially when we start observing the ‘fat signs.’ So, the first thing we do is to look for weight loss tips without thinking.

Access to information has its highs and lows. So, there may be countless blogs and advisory platforms, telling you how to lose weight. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t authentic. Moreover, instead of being practical, they can have the opposite effects on your body weight.

Some of these ‘bits of advice’ are so common that they have become the norm. However, you will be surprised to know how ineffective they may be and why you should stop following them.

To understand how to live a healthy lifestyle without falling into rumored ideas, here are some suggestions from qualified doctors that can be pretty helpful.

Diet Isn’t the Sole Contributor to Weight Loss

The basic idea behind a diet is to reap the nutritional value out of it. However, diet isn’t the only component that affects your body composition. So, if you’re solely focusing on a healthy diet leaving behind the other elements, you’re missing the point.

So, eating healthy may be one great tip, but it’s not the only thing you need if you want to get rid of unwanted fat.  

According to Dr. Marcio Griebeler, the Director of Obesity and Medical Weight Loss Center, Cleveland Clinic Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute, weight loss isn’t merely about eating right. Still, it’s a combination of several elements that promote a healthy lifestyle.

So, how to live a healthy lifestyle? Dr. Griebeler believes that such a lifestyle requires a holistic approach. It includes controlled eating patterns, value to nutrition, sleep and stress, and exercise are the primary contributors to an active and healthy lifestyle.

For instance, during stress, our bodies produce more Cortisol hormone that intensifies our hunger, leading to a negative impact on our eating habits.

Hence, it is better to try hacks that lower stress levels. Therefore, deep breathing and journaling can be effective weight loss techniques as they indirectly contribute to maintaining a better body shape.

Sleep is Equally Important as Working Out

Even though regular exercise is essential for weight loss, it should never mingle with your sleep schedules. If you’re exercising at the expense of sleep, you’re missing the point. Early morning exercises are great, but if you find it hard to squeeze them into your schedule, you should start a bit late.

A sleep-deprived body doesn’t burn calories too efficiently. On top of that, it can tempt you into eating more than usual. So, it’s effectively the opposite of how to lose weight.

According to the President of the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Craig Primack, lack of sleep can regulate your body’s leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that suppresses appetite. As the Leptin levels go down, the Ghrelin levels go up, intensifying hunger in your body.

Effectively sleep deprivation can cause untimely cravings, which is not suitable for weight loss.

Another critical aspect of sleep and exercise suggests that lack of sleep can overshadow your training efforts. With less sleep, the calorie cut down reduces, and the body starts shedding lean muscles instead of the fat.

With more minor muscles, the metabolism slows down, which doesn’t contribute much either. So, Dr. Primack believes that getting the seventh hour of sleep can be one of the more helpful weight loss hacks because you’re giving more time to the body to cut down calories.

Moreover, the recommended weekly cardio duration is at least 150 minutes for adults. Effectively, it would help if you put in half an hour daily, but that should come at the expense of some other activities like watching TV, etc.

Not all Calories are Equal

Calories vary in type, so you must be eating the right ones. Commonly, consumers think all calories are the same, so they only focus on the calorie count rather than anything else. Dr. Michael Gregger is a nutrition expert, and he believes that the misconception about calories is worrisome.

Simply put, a hundred calories from a banana is not the same as a hundred calories from a brownie. The calories in a banana come with the essential nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, the fibers keep your tummy fuller for longer.  

Also, processed food calories promote weight gain. Similarly, eating sugary snacks, drinks, and processed meat has been reported to increase obesity and take your cholesterol levels to dangerously high levels.

So, the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans can help understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. Generally, these guidelines focus on vegetables, nuts, grains, etc.

Detox and Cleansing Juices are Unneeded

Detox and cleansing are overrated concepts for a healthy lifestyle. According to Dr. Primack, our bodies can remove excessive waste and self-cleanse. So, there is no need for additional juices to get rid of the toxins.

Dr. Primack added that cleansing juices only help in cleaning the GI tract. Effectively, it doesn’t cut down any fat, so technically, you may not be losing weight at all. So, it’s just a temporary reduction in weight because there is no change in metabolism.

Dr. Primack believes that to lose weight; we must aim at not feeling hungry. However, an empty GI tract and avoiding meals cannot help in preventing hunger.

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Skipping Meals Doesn’t Help

According to Dr. Griebeler, when you skip a meal or a snack, you only increase your overeating chances later. Hunger tends to reduce self-control, which causes overeating. Moreover, when we are hungry, we can’t struggle to make the right eating choices.

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests a link between obesity and eating patterns. Interestingly, more frequent meals correlated to lesser chances of obesity. On the other hand, skipping breakfast leads to obesity problems.

It’s interesting because intermittent fasting is known to be an effective method to lose weight. However, it’s just that eating fewer calories is the only effective way to lose weight.

Therefore, it is essential to plan your meals and strictly adhere to them. This way, you are likely to make better eating choices.


Eating right and taking the essential measures are essential for a healthy lifestyle. So, if you were wondering how to live a healthy lifestyle, you now know the things to focus on.

These weight loss tips come from qualified experts, so there isn’t any ambiguity regarding authenticity. So, it’s time to shift focus and start living healthy.

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