Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil Every Day?

Owing to the extensive research in the field recently, CBD has become a well-known remedy for pain and other conditions. As more people are finding out about this compound, the market around it is also expanding. 

That’s why it’s crucial to know CBD oil’s side effects along with learning about CBD benefits. You can only use a product safely if you know both sides of the story. 

Since it’s easier to find CBD oil for sale online now, many people are getting it with ease ordering online. However, there’s not enough awareness about the compound and its possible side effects. So let’s explore CBD effects and whether the compound can be a threat to your body when used regularly. 

Should You Use CBD Daily?

First off, you should determine if you should be using CBD daily or not. For that, you can consult your doctor. 

If you suffer from a chronic illness, such as arthritic pain or cancer, you can definitely use CBD daily for pain relief. However, if you occasionally suffer from migraines, there’s no need to use CBD daily. 

Thus, you can reap the CBD oil benefits for pain whenever you need to. 

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Similarly, some people also use CBD for anxiety. However, not everyone suffers from generalized anxiety disorders. Some patients have specific cases, such as social anxiety. 

In such situations, you should take CBD only when it’s required. For instance, if you’re preparing for a large gathering or are expected to get on a stage at any point during the day, it’s good to take a few drops of CBD oil or fill your water bottle with a CBD drink before that. 

Since there are plenty of medical benefits of CBD, you could be using the compound for different reasons. However, before you start using it regularly, make sure to talk to a health care provider.

Can CBD Cause Addiction?

A common concern among people who use the compound for its benefits is whether it causes addiction. Worry not; the WHO has suggested that CBD is not habit-forming

Therefore, you’ll not be addicted to it even with regular use. 

Many people are worried about addiction because that’s a huge problem with antidepressants and painkillers. Patients tend to get addicted to these prescription drugs. 

Then, they’re reluctant to use any other remedy, such as CBD, because they suspect it to be addictive too. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of CBD usage. 

In fact, some studies show that CBD might be a successful intervention for addiction. So it’s likely that CBD may help people who suffer from opioid or cocaine addiction. 

CBD won’t lead to dependency, even if you’re using the strongest CBD oil available on the market. That’s one of the reasons why cannabinoids are so prevalent in health care. 

Unlike THC, it regulates cognitive functions without having any effect on your focus or thinking ability.

Does a High CBD Dosage Cause Dependency?

Experts have seen in different studies that the human body can tolerate a high CBD dose without any side effects. Therefore, you won’t get addicted to the compound even if you’re taking a lot of it every day.

Still, it’s essential to talk to your doctor beforehand. Likely, you’re not taking enough CBD to have any impact on your body. 

Also, the dosage will differ depending on your condition. For example, a cancer patient will have to take a higher dose than someone using CBD for a migraine.

Does CBD Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?

Since CBD is non-habit-forming, you won’t have any withdrawal symptoms if you discontinue its usage. Currently, there are no studies to show if people who stopped using CBD experienced any withdrawal effects. 

Keep in mind that your doctor may recommend you stop using other medications when you’re taking CBD. If you stop taking those meds, you may experience symptoms such as nausea and irritability. 

However, that doesn’t have anything to do with CBD.

CBD Benefits 

There’s no surprise why more people are turning to CBD every day. The compound has a lot of benefits for us in store. Let’s see what research has to say about CBD oil benefits and whether it’s legit or just a fad. 

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Anxiety Relief

Panic, worry, and uneasiness are typical feelings when taking an exam or attending a job interview. Nevertheless, if these emotions become overwhelming and halt your routine activities, it’s a red flag and indicates an anxiety disorder. 

Fortunately, CBD can help alleviate anxiety symptoms. Studies show that it can reduce the symptoms related to anxiety. 

Additionally, an animal study conducted in 2013 claims that CBD changes how your brain responds to serotonin (a key hormone that stabilizes our feelings and mood), thus plummeting anxiety.

Treatment of Chronic Pain

Around 50 to 116 million Americans suffer from one or another sort of chronic pain. Pain that lasts for a few hours can be dealt with, but chronic pain can lead to irritability.  

You’re unable to move around, catch up with friends, or even perform simple routine activities. Also, chronic pain can be associated with any disease like diabetes, arthritis, or heart attack. 

If you’re dealing with some sort of chronic pain currently, know that CBD oil can help for sure. 

Findings show that CBD inhibits neuropathic and inflammatory pain, two of the most challenging chronic pain conditions to treat. 

So, you can reap CBD oil benefits to treat the chronic pain you’re suffering from. 


An epileptic seizure is a sudden occurrence of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. It causes abnormal muscle movements such as twitching, stiffness, and frequent jerks. 

Studies show that CBD may help treat epilepsy in a specific age group. 

Additionally, the Epilepsy Foundation also suggests that CBD can help control and inhibit the symptoms of seizures.  

An important thing to note is that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a CBD- infused drug Epidiolex for seizure treatment. As such, we can pretty much rely on this over-the-counter CBD medicine for the treatment of epilepsy. 


This one is likely to catch the attention of beauty freaks. If you suffer from occasional skin breakouts, know that CBD oil can help. 

Acne is perhaps the most common skin condition in humans. Many factors contribute to acne including, diet, medications, stress levels, or environmental factors. 

Studies suggest that CBD prevents excessive production of sebum which might otherwise be the main cause of acne. 

The study further explains that CBD can cause an anti-inflammatory reaction in sebocytes, stopping the activation of cytokines (the proteins in skin cells that might cause acne). Hence, CBD prevents its excessive production. 

CBD Drug Interactions 

Before you start using CBD daily, it’s crucial to ask your doctor if you should use your existing medication for insomnia, seizures, pain, or depression. 

Although CBD does not have any significant side effects, it can be problematic for your body once it reacts with the compounds in the prescription meds. Due to this, you should be vigilant when using CBD and meds together. 

Your doctor will know which drugs are safe to be taken with CBD. Plus, the healthcare provider will also inform you if you need to stop using a medicine or lower its dosage when using CBD alongside it.

Does CBD Get You High?

Till now, scientists have discovered a lot of CBD uses. Due to that, people who were previously using prescription drugs are also turning towards CBD. 

However, many people are still hesitant to make this shift because they associate cannabis with intoxication. To some extent, it’s true. But CBD products are legally required to have no more than 0.3% THC.

Thus, they cannot get you high. Regardless of the source of the CBD – cannabis or hemp plant – it will not intoxicate you. As a compound, CBD cannot cause a high. 

You can take a dose as high as 300mg, and it still won’t make you high.

How to Buy a Legit CBD Product?

Cannabis plants growing next to each other in pots.

You’re likely to ask this question if you intend to consume CBD regularly. With so many CBD products on the market, you can have difficulty identifying the right product. Here’s how to find a reliable CBD product. 

  • Brand: Choose your CBD product from a reputable, quality brand. Ditch low-cost products offered by cheap companies. 
  • THC concentration: Your CBD product should have a THC concentration of 0.3% or below it. If you prefer your CBD oil without THC, you can opt for broad-spectrum or isolate CBD. 
  • Reviews: When buying online, visit the website and skim through the reviews. Online reviews are perhaps the best way to know about a company’s authenticity. They give you an insight into a company’s products. 
  • Third-party tests: Is your CBD product tested in a third-party lab? If yes, you can purchase the product without any worries. 
  • Natural ingredients: Opt for products with natural ingredients. Avoid purchasing a CBD product with synthetic flavorings; they might cause adverse reactions. 

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When using it daily, you must know about CBD oil’s side effects. The only CBD effects we have seen in research are dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and a change in appetite. 

Most studies highlight the CBD benefits, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the side effects altogether. Hopefully, future studies will shed more light on this subject.

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