CBD Gum, What is It and Are There Any Benefits?

CBD products have taken the medicinal world by storm. Till now, you must have come across tons of products like creams, tinctures, vapes, oils, and gummies. 

These days, a new exciting product is making it to the shelves; CBD gums. 

The CBD gum ensures a quick fix whenever you want a fast-acting dose. Plus, if you’re not a fan of CBD oil’s strong taste, the gums can make your experience a delicious one.

But the real question is: Does CBD gum actually work? Since all other CBD products are ingested or applied long enough for the skin to absorb, can chewing gum do all that in a short period? 

In this article, we will answer all these questions to understand this new product step by step. So let’s get started!

What Is CBD Gum?

CBD gum is a chewing gum infused with CBD or cannabidiol. As you put the gum in your mouth, CBD starts to release into your body, depending on how hard you chew it. 

Some of the gums available today contain CBD isolates or CBD-infused sugar. However, you can also find gums made from CBD oil, in which the oil is used as the base gum mixture. But unfortunately, we don’t know which product will be more effective. 

CBD gum sticks.

To understand CBD gums better, we can take the example of nicotine gums. These gums help people quit smoking. Similarly, the gum is a legit way to take CBD and enjoy the compound’s therapeutic effects.

Moreover, CBD gums are available in a variety of flavors, just like every other cannabidiol-infused product. 

Plus, if you go to a popular supermart, you may also come across natural and synthetic CBD chewing gums. 

Since cannabidiol is a natural supplement that people consume for health benefits, it is assumed that it must have a bitter taste or be pretty challenging to use. But, thanks to the CBD gum – we now have one of the most tasteful ways to consume the cannabinoid.

How Does CBD Gum Work?

Now let’s return to high school’s biology, where we learned that the process of digestion and absorption starts from the mouth. 

Therefore, when you chew the gums, the cannabidiol gets absorbed through your tongue, gums, and skin (from the sides of your mouth). This makes CBD gum a highly bioavailable product. 

The absorbed CBD then enters the bloodstream through the capillaries present in those areas (tongue, gums, and skin) and instantaneously reaches other parts of the body.

The good thing is that the effects of CBD stay for a long time, even after you spit out the gum. 

This way, you get a boost of CBD while the gum is still in your mouth and even later due to the absorbed CBD.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects?

As you chew CBD gum, the effect of the cannabinoid starts to kick in within minutes. 

Generally, CBD topicals are one of the slowest ways to take CBD and treat different sorts of pain, while these gums give a more instant reaction. 

Dr. Michele Ross says, “What’s different about CBD gum is how it’s absorbed. When you eat CBD as a capsule or gummy, it’s getting digested and broken down through the liver, but when you eat it like gum, you’re releasing it through your cheek, so it’s getting absorbed sublingually and submucosally.” 

What are the benefits?

Every CBD product gives you tons of additional benefits apart from the therapeutic effects. 

Where CBD lotions provide you a supple skin texture, CBD gums can give you a defined jawline. Of course, along with the exceptional pain-relieving and anti-inflammation benefits.

Let’s look at some of the perks of these gums:

Improve Oral Health

The constant chewing action is a sure way to get a defined jawline, but what makes chewing gum a unique item is that it promotes oral health as well.

While you’re enjoying the pain-relieving effects of CBD, your teeth and gums are also getting cleansed simultaneously. That’s a good thing if you don’t like visiting a dentist.

Moreover, chewing also increases saliva secretion, which keeps the oral cavity clean.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the mental health conditions that have no permanent cure. However, luckily, studies have confirmed that CBD helps with stress and reduces anxiety levels significantly. 

Besides, most people tend to chew or eat more when they feel stressed. So if you’re amongst them, CBD gums are a good option for you to relieve your stress while absorbing the anti-anxiety effects of CBD. 

This makes it one of the most effective ways to take CBD anytime, anywhere.


Chewing gum is always a good way to reduce the nauseous feeling. 

Similarly, if you pop in a gum when you feel nauseous, you will get additional anti-nausea effects within minutes. Plus, your body’s salivating process will speed up and wash out any acidic secretion in your mouth.

Keeps You Active and Energetic

If you struggle to concentrate on your work, you can put chewing gum in your mouth to fight those yawns effectively. This trick actually works!

A study found that chewing gum helps a person resist sleepiness, drowsiness and stay active for a more extended period. 

Plus, you can get mint-flavored gum to beat those midday yawns and stay refreshed all day.

Reduces Appetite

If you’re searching for natural ways to lose weight, consider it your lucky charm. CBD gum is the most effective weight-loss product.

According to WebMD, chewing gums actually help reduce appetite. Moreover, a study found that chewing gums burns approximately 11 calories per hour; whereas, chewing non-caloric gum can help you get rid of about 11 pounds of body fat per year.

With the additional perk of CBD, you can stay fit and healthy just by chewing gums! 

Is There Anything That It Doesn’t Offer?

There are a few things that CBD gum doesn’t offer to its users. So if you want to know whether this product will help your specific needs or not, keep reading. 

Trending Tips on CBD Products

CBD Gum Is Not Long-lasting

Even though you’ve chewed on the gum for hours, you won’t feel the effects for a very long time after you spit out the gum. 

Of course, the CBD effects will kick in instantly, but they will fade away after some time. Thus, as soon as CBD is all absorbed, the gum will become just a regular one that you throw out when its flavor is gone. 

Simply put, the impacts of CBD gum are not as lasting as you would desire.

CBD Gum Does Not Get You High

Well, this is a no-brainer. If you thought that gum was a cool way to get high, you got it wrong. The CBD gum is a product containing only CBD, and the THC levels are negligible. 

However, constant chewing action makes one active and alert. 

The Best CBD Gums in the Market

When you compare CBD gum with other products, you will see that it is just as effective and robust as the rest of them. 

Not surprisingly, it works quicker than many other forms of CBD and ensures high bioavailability to keep you active, alert, and motivated.

We tried a few options and found a few must-try gums that you will most definitely get hooked on. Let’s have a look.

1. CBD Chewing Gum By Endoca

Being an environmentally friendly company, Endoca manufactures organic and biodegradable gum. 

We liked this CBD Chewing Gum as it provides 10 mg of CBD per piece. Moreover, the product also offers you the goodness of sunflower lecithin, which supports brain health. That’s why this gum is our number one choice among others. 

Some of the advantages of Endoca CBD gum are:

  • Natural sweeteners
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • 100 mg total CBD
  • THC-free
  • Lab-tested

Unfortunately, you will find the return policy of Endoca strict as the brand expects the product returned within 14 days, and that too without opening the box. 

However, apart from this minor disadvantage, the shopping experience is good as the shipping is quick and the price of this product is also reasonable.

2. Hemp Extract Gum By Elevate

The brand claims that Hemp Extract Gum is an excellent pain relief aid. 

However, we tried it on other factors like taste and the strength and effectiveness of CBD. We found that this gum has a light but effective CBD dose, making it suitable for beginners.

So if you are looking for a stronger CBD dose to consume, you should pass on this product.

The advantages of this CBD gum are:

  • Made with Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • 5 mg of CBD per piece
  • Two sizes – 8 pieces tin and 20 pieces bottle

We liked the Elevate Hemp Extract Gum because it was mild for people who are usually hesitant to try CBD products. 

As far as lab results are concerned for this product, you may have to request the manufacturer for the reports.

3. American Shaman CBD Gum

The American Shaman CBD gum is a good option for people who eat organic foods. That’s because it is made from the gum base naturally extracted from chicle trees. 

This product consists of premium quality full-spectrum CBD, with 7 mg present in each piece. In addition, the whole packet comes with 8 gums. 

The fantastic flavor of this gum is due to the presence of mint, xylitol, and glycerine.

CBD chewing gum.

If you’re a newbie, this gum is another option for you to start using CBD products. The brand itself is very reliable and offers gums in a wide range of cannabidiol potencies.

This product has:

  • 56 mg total CBD
  • 7 mg CBD per piece
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Natural gum base
  • Refreshing mint flavor


LEVEL is famous for manufacturing a wide range of CBD-infused and THC-based products, including chewing gums. 

This product is made of CBD isolate, with 10 mg of CBD per piece. One packet comes with ten sticks, so the total CBD potency of one whole pack becomes 100 mg. 

Although LEVEL makes THC-based gums as well, this product won’t make you high as it is entirely THC-free. So, you can get this gum without any doubts and enjoy the energizing mint flavor.

This gum contains:

  • 100 mg total CBD
  • 10 mg CBD per piece
  • CBD Isolate
  • Mint flavor
  • THC-free

Todays Trending Topics

5. Proze Yipeez Performance Gum

Finally, we have the CBD gum for champions on our list. Many professional golfers and Olympic athletes worldwide choose this Proze Yipeez Performance Gum to improve their performance and heal from muscle cramps instantly.

Their trust in the product shows that it actually works. Therefore, we chose it as the last option, not because it is lower in rank, but because it is the most potent and flavorful gum on this list.

The product comes with:

  • 10 mg per piece,
  • 8 gums per pack,
  • Focus-improving and pain-reducing properties.

You will feel calm and relaxed after chewing the gum for only 10 minutes. This fast action is needed on the field, and if you are looking for some quick work, get a Yipeez.


All in all, CBD gums work like any other sublingual product. They get absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and give you instant relief. 

If you’re new to CBD products, you can start your therapeutic journey with these gums. They are, so far, one of the easiest and flavorful ways to take CBD. 

Since several CBD gum options are available in the market, we picked five top products for your ease. Pick any of these and enjoy the tasteful calm.

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