How to Identify Safe and Reputable CBD Oil Brands

Have you ever found yourself in a store shopping for your regular CBD product and come across many different CBD brands you’re unfamiliar with? Well, the CBD industry is largely unregulated, with about 3,500 CBD brands offering their products for sale. What’s more, is that each of these CBD brands would want you to believe that their products are the best.

Actually, there are many not-so-reputable CBD brands and some reputable ones out there as well as scam-artists who are trying to rip off unsuspecting consumers. But how can you tell if a CBD oil brand is safe and reputable or not? In this post, we’ll discuss all you need to know to identify safe and reputable CBD oil brands and if a CBD brand is worth trying or not.

How To Determine Safe And Reputable CBD Brands

Many factors help to determine if a CBD oil brand is safe and reputable. Some of them include:

Third-Party Lab Testing

Checking if a CBD oil brand allows its products to be tested by a third-party lab is one of the first steps in determining if the brand is safe and reputable. A CBD brand that does third-party lab testing means that it sends its raw materials or products to an accredited independent lab (who is not affiliated with the distributor or manufacturer) for testing.

The lab will perform a scientific analysis of the product or the raw material to verify the potency of cannabinoids in the product and check for the presence of heavy metals and residual solvents.

Go through the result of these lab tests and ensure that the hemp extract and amount of CBD in the CBD oil product aligns with what is listed on the product’s label or packaging.

For instance, CBD oil brands listed as full spectrum CBD oil should not emerge as CBD isolate in the third-party lab result. You can even contact the independent lab that performed the analysis to verify if the lab report is real. We’ve seen several cases in the past where the third-party lab reports are falsified or copied.

If the products from a CBD brand have truly undergone third-party lab testing, then it’s a good brand. If the CBD brand does not perform third-party lab testing or fails to provide the independent lab test reports, then you should avoid the brand. That is because there’s no way to determine or verify what’s in that product and if it is safe for consumption if they do not perform the test. That also indicates that you may not get what you’re going to pay for.

Moreover, don’t just stop at asking and checking to see if they do third-party lab testing. Check the lab results to see if every batch of their products is being tested and that their testing history is recent and consistent.

The CBD Brands’ Contact Info And Website

Does the brand have an existing website, and is the website even working? Do they have a physical address, a working phone number, and an email? When you try to search their physical address, is it coming up as an individual’s private home?

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When you’re seeking out a new CBD oil brand, these are all the things you need to consider. If the brand’s product pages have little or no information or their website has misspelled words, you should look towards another brand.

A brand that offers its CBD tincture for sale should endeavor to provide its customers with good customer service. If the brand never picks up their phone or responds to emails and inquiries about their products, then that’s a pretty good sign something is not right.

Company Reputation and Public Feedback

Try to find the CBD oil reviews of the brand to gain more insight and information from people who have tried the product to determine if the brand is legitimate. Most of the time, we come across CBD oil brands that ONLY post positive feedback and reviews on their website and remove all the negative ones.

At times, the public feedbacks are posted all by the people who invested in the product, like the affiliates, employees, or brand ambassadors. The is why you should look for a CBD oil review forum or group that allows the discussion of all CBD brands.


Synthetics tend to go side-by-side with public feedback. Suppose you read from the users’ review that the product is suspected of containing synthetic cannabinoids.

In that case, we suggest you avoid the product as much as you can. Independent lab test (third-party testing) does not test or examine the product for synthetics, so this won’t show up on the test reports.

Sadly, products with synthetics can only be discovered by testing them independently. Some CBD brands have tested positive for synthetics, so we can categorically say that there are many more out there. If your hemp-derived CBD oil is getting you intoxicated or “high,” then the chances are that it will contain synthetics. 


Where does the brand source its raw material (hemp) used in manufacturing its products? Does the hemp producer follow the required standards in growing their hemp?

Sometimes, CBD oil brands have their own farms where they grow their hemp. At times, they partner with local farms or source their hemp from local sellers. And other times, they are a “white label” of other brands or import their hemp plants from overseas.

This is an essential aspect to consider since imported hemp, like those from China, tends to be very poor in quality, high in potentially dangerous components like pesticides or heavy metals, and low in CBD.

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This aspect tends to be lacking with many CBD brands. At times, it can seem like the brands may be hiding something, and other times their transparency policy is understandable.

If a CBD brand has its own hemp farm, is it willing to discuss how it grows, harvests, and processes the hemp to the public? Is the brand active on social media, and does it post photos regularly? Is the brand willing to allow you to pay a visit to their corporate office? We are not recommending that you fly states away to visit their office, and you don’t really need to go that far. But the most important takeaway here is the brand’s transparency and its willingness to communicate with the users of its products.

Final Words

There are many factors that go into identifying safe and reputable CBD brands, and this post has mentioned a few. If you’re thinking about trying a new CBD brand you’re not too familiar with; we suggest you do your homework and read different CBD oil brands review to gain more information about the brand and determine if it’s worth a try.

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