CBD Dosage – How Much Should I Take?

Are you confused about the right CBD dosage as a first-timer? Well, you’re not alone.

Most of us are unaware of how much CBD to take as there’s no standard dosage decided yet. Also, not much research has been conducted on this issue at the moment. 

However, medical experts have confirmed that the amount of CBD differs from one person and one product to another. 

Therefore, you can be a bit creative and calculate the CBD dosage on your own. Since determining the CBD dosage can be a bit tricky for beginners, we’ve compiled a guide to help you out. 

After going through this, you’ll be fully knowledgeable about how much CBD to take for different ailments. 

Why Do I Need CBD?

Before jumping right into CBD dosage, let’s talk a bit about the reasons to take CBD in the first place. It will also help you determine how much CBD to take depending on your unique condition. 

For instance, if you are recovering from surgery, you should know the right CBD dosage for pain before using any CBD product. Likewise, there is a different CBD dosage for anxiety, and the same goes for seizures.

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Here are a few conditions on which CBD works the best. 

  • To reduce pain and aches
  • To reduce depression and anxiety 
  • Regulation of the sleep-wake cycle 
  • To improve cardiovascular health 
  • For minimizing the frequency of seizures in epileptic individuals 

Whatever the condition is, you must take the correct dosage to get the desired effects. If you’re not taking the right amount of CBD, you won’t see any positive results. 

Keep in mind that every individual’s body reacts differently to the cannabinoid. Thus, if you do not see results as quickly as someone else, don’t lose hope. You may simply need to alter your CBD dosage a little.

What Is the Normal CBD Dosage?

Typically, CBD products have 20 to 40mg of the cannabinoid per dose or serving. If you’re taking CBD for general wellness, an amount as little as 3mg will suffice too. 

However, if you’re using it for pain relief or against depression, you’ll have to increase the dose – sometimes, even above 100mg. 

Now, let us clear a misconception here. Many people believe that if they weigh the same as someone else, the CBD dosage will be the same for both of them. 

However, this simply isn’t true. 

The amount of CBD you need to see results isn’t merely dependent on your weight. Other factors also come into play. Your body may not react to CBD the same way as your friend does. 

Therefore, even if you both have similar weights, you may need to take more or less CBD than your buddy. 

Factors Determining the CBD Dosage 

Here are the factors that dictate the CBD dosage you must take: 

  • Your weight 
  • The condition you’re using CBD for 
  • Your size (BMI)
  • Your body’s tolerance to the cannabinoid 
  • The product’s type and potency 

Thus, when calculating how much CBD to take, you must consider the factors mentioned above before coming to an exact figure.

The Effective CBD Dosage: How Much Should I Take?

Luckily, the method to determine an effective minimum CBD dosage for any condition is relatively simple. However, you can find it out using the ‘Stepwise Dosing procedure.’

This method requires you to establish a baseline dosage prior and then adjust it regularly until you determine your effective CBD dosage.

Most importantly, you should remember that everybody responds differently to CBD. Thus, the Stepwise Dosing Procedure will help you find your most suitable CBD dosage for your unique circumstances. 

The Stepwise Dosing Procedure

Naturally, if you’re starting CBD and don’t know where to begin, it’s best to take a small dose initially.

Once you set a baseline dosage, start with that and then increase it gradually until you get the results. Establish the baseline between 2-5mg, and then increase it by 2x or 3x per day (total 6-10mg).

Maintain this baseline dosage for a week, and observe the changes in your body along the way. 

However, if you don’t see much difference in those seven days, consider increasing the baseline dose by 1-2mg every 3 days. Ultimately, you will find the right CBD dosage for you within days.

On the other hand, if you wish to lower your dose anytime, you can decrease your dosage by 1mg and see if your body can still maintain the changes or not.

CBD Dosages For Different Conditions

However, the Stepwise Dosing procedure is a hit and trial method. Alternatively, there are a few standard ways to calculate the amount of CBD you need for a particular condition. 

CBD Dosage for Depression and Anxiety 

Since depression and anxiety often come together to an individual, we’ll discuss them as one ailment. 

Usually, experts suggest taking a moderate or heavy CBD dose for anxiety as the condition severely affects your body. 

Some people may even see results with a smaller amount because their body is more sensitive to cannabidiol. The best way to go about this issue is to start with a low dose. 

If you see no change, advance to moderate dosage. 

More importantly, if you know that a particular activity triggers your anxiety, take a ‘booster dose’ before it. For instance, if going out in a crowded area makes you anxious, take a set dose of CBD before going to the grocery store or a restaurant. 

However, research suggests that the optimal CBD dosage for anxiety is 300mg to 600mg. 

CBD Dosage for Pain 

According to a BMC study, if you’re going through cancer-related pain, you should take about 50mg to 600mg of CBD every day.

But most of us get confused in determining the difference between the upper and lower limit of pain. However, the limits are widely apart because the pain intensity differs due to the type of cancer, patients’ threshold for pain, and the combining effects of chemotherapy. 

For everyday pain, such as pain after extended physical exercise or activity, the CBD dose is lower. 

In such cases, you can calculate the CBD dosage for pain depending on the intensity. 

CBD Dosage for Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia, 25mg of CBD per day should help you sleep well. 

The method of administering the cannabinoid is totally up to you. 

While some people prefer to add a few drops of CBD to their dinner, others like to pop a few gummies before hitting the sheets. 

CBD Dosage for Bowel Disease 

CBD is a gift for people suffering from bowel disease. Studies aimed at exploring the therapeutic use of CBD against Inflammatory Bowel Disease have shown promising results. 

If you want to use CBD for bowel disease, 10mg a day would be enough. 

However, you may have to increase the dosage if you’re also experiencing inflammation, which is a symptom of gut diseases.

How to Calculate CBD Dosage Based on My Weight?

Now, let’s learn a rule of thumb on the right CBD dosage according to your weight. For this, we have divided the dosage into low, medium, and high strength. 

Conditions like cancer and seizures require high CBD dosage for pain, while everyday pain falls in the low-strength category. 

  • Low Strength: Take 1mg of CBD per 10 pounds of your weight. 
  • Medium Strength: Take 3mg of CBD per 10 pounds of your weight. 
  • High Strength: Take 6mg of CBD per 10 pounds of your weight. 

Keeping this method in mind, you can now calculate the CBD dosage for seizures, sports injuries, PMS, insomnia, etc.

Safe CBD Dosages

If you doubt that CBD dosage might cause side effects in your body, researchers say high dosage isn’t that dangerous. Although human researches are limited regarding the side effects, CBD products have relatively lower toxicity levels.

A study on human physical dependence involved giving 1,500 mg CBD per day to participants for 28 days. Even after a four-week trial, the candidates didn’t go through any withdrawal effects. 

Another Current Drug Safety study also confirmed that CBD dosage up to 1,500 mg per day is well-tolerated.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) also found that people can tolerate CBD quite well. The CBD products don’t make them ‘high’ or ‘addicted,’ unlike the potential that some cannabis possesses.

What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Although the side effects rarely occur after CBD use, here are some most noticeable reactions:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe mood swings
  • Interaction with other drugs
  • Drowsiness
  • Liver failure

The reasons for these side effects may differ from person to person.

However, Dr. Adarsh Mudgil – a New York-based certified dermatologist – confirms the safety of CBD products. He says that if a CBD product is causing any reaction, it must be from other reasons and not from the CBD itself. 

Final Words

Although several studies on the proper CBD usage, benefits, dosage, and safety are still underway, the above guidelines will help you get started. 

Most importantly, medical researchers have cleared that CBD doesn’t build up any tolerance in your body. 

According to a study published by Mateus Machado Bergamaschi et al., CBD products don’t cause any severe side effects even after several doses. These include chronic and acute doses, and fortunately, CBD doesn’t develop any tolerance in the body.

Some researchers even say that patients require less and less CBD dosage over time. So if your doctor advises you to rely on CBD for some time, listen to them without any worry.

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