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People all around the world enjoy CBD for its therapeutic properties. It helps reduce anxiety, counter pain, and offer your mind some relaxation. 

Moreover, CBD is everywhere. You can find it in your beverages, as bath bombs, as gummies, and even in lotions. It is a treat for humans as well as pets. 

However, Cannabidiol (CBD) is still a controlled or banned substance in some areas.

Recently, traveling with CBD oil became legal in the U.S. But when traveling out of the U.S., questions like, can I take CBD oil on a plane, is CBD oil legal in Europe, and can I travel internationally with CBD oil often come to mind.

As a CBD oil lover, you may want to travel with the product to reduce anxiety and minimize distress, especially if you’re the type that gets anxious while on a plane. 

But, before you slip your CBD oil into your luggage or carry-on bag, you need to read up on all regulations to avoid facing any challenges. 

This article will shed light on your query and share updates regarding traveling with CBD. But first, let’s tell you what CBD is.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is present naturally in hemp and marijuana plants. It contains several therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties – the reason why more people keep turning to it for the effects it leaves on their body system.

Cannabidiol may be supplied as CBD oil with CBD as its only active ingredient. However, there’s a common misconception that it works like the medical marijuana that gets its users high. 

Whereas, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the medically active ingredient that makes users high, is the primary ingredient of the marijuana plant, but CBD only has traces of it. Therefore CBD oil does not produce any intoxicating or psychoactive effect.

The mode of action of Cannabidiol on the brain is not precisely transparent but, they seem to prevent the breakage of a chemical in the brain resulting in increased levels of it in the blood, which alters our mood, reduces anxiety symptoms. 

To date, there is only one CBD drug approved by FDA; Epidiolex. It is used to prevent seizures.

Traveling with CBD

In the United States, CBD is 100% legal, so you may think that it is okay to take it along with you wherever you go. However, that assumption is not always valid, as you may face challenges while traveling with your CBD oil, especially when traveling by air.

For years, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had banned the movement of any cannabis product within the U.S. However, they recently announced that travelers could travel with hemp-derived, FDA-approved drugs and CBD oil. 

That means you can travel within the U.S. with your CBD oil provided that it contains 0.3% THC or less and produced within the guidelines offered by TSA.

Keep in mind that the legal threshold for CBD in the U.S. is less than 0.3% THC concentration. Although THC is responsible for cannabis psychoactive effects, the 0.3% concentration in CBD oil is below the level that produces any intoxicating effect. 

Also, you should note that the only legally permissible CBD oils in the U.S. are those that are derived from the hemp plant. So, you should not try to travel with those derived from a cannabis plant with marijuana strains.

Additionally, you must be careful where you get your CBD oil. Some CBD oil may contain higher than the legal THC threshold level. 

And even if the products you carry are legal, not everyone at TSA can quickly distinguish marijuana from CBD, so you may be delayed for extra screening. 

Can Dogs Detect CBD at Airport?

Though most trained dogs are capable of smelling terpenes but usually do not react to hemp-derived terpenes as the amount is minimal. There is an exception if the terpene in CBD products is aromatic, then it might be detected by the dogs.

Tips for Traveling with CBD

Carrying CBD to the plane is tricky, and if it is not essential, you may be better off leaving it back home. 

However, here are some tips to help you avoid any issues.

Research Carefully

You must know the content of a CBD product before you carry it. 

CBD products are increasingly becoming available in the market. However, not every brand that sells CBD may follow the FDA rules. Ensure that your CBD products are tested and ask to see their third-party lab test report or certificate of analysis.

Consider Consumer Packaged Products

The police can often not differentiate between marijuana flowers and hemp. Lab tests are the only way to distinguish between the two. This issue has caused a lot of confusion and unnecessary arrests.

However, with consumer packaged products like capsules, tincture oils, and gummies, you can travel better without confusing the law enforcement agents.

Stick with THC-Free CBD Oil

Law enforcement agents may detect the presence of THC with their drug testing kit but may not be able to determine its quantity. That is why traveling with CBD oil that is THC-free is your best bet.

Follow the Protocol

When you carry CBD products to the airport, make sure to follow the appropriate guidelines.

If you’re carrying the CBD oil in liquid form, make sure not to exceed the given limit of 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces.

Don’t Hide Any Product.

If you’re carrying any CBD product with you, even if they’re just some gummies, don’t hide from the officers. If the product is caught after you tried hiding it, you can get in more trouble than necessary. 

So, declare any CBD product that you might have to make your journey comfortable and easy.

Other Regulations

You might be wondering, can I bring CBD oil on a plane? Well, the simple answer is yes.

According to the update shared by TSA in May 2019, you can take CBD oil on a plane. 

However, the CBD product you carry must adhere to the laid down regulations. In short, it must contain 0.3 percent THC or less and must be derived from industrial hemp.

Marijuana is allowed in some states, and some people prefer CBD products with more THC content. 

If your CBD oil is derived from marijuana or has higher THC content, do not make the mistake of carrying it with you on a plane. The TSA policy bans this type of CBD product.

You must adhere to the TSA flight regulations for e-cigarettes, vape pens, and liquid containers if you’re carrying these items. 

According to these regulations, you can only bring e-cigarettes and vape pens on the plane in your carry-on baggage. For safety reasons, they are not allowed in checked bags.

Can I Travel Internationally with My CBD Oil?

Whether you can travel internationally with CBD or not depends on your origin and destination of travel. The international regulations and laws on CBD are not very clear. 

If you want to travel out of the U.S., you’ll have to research the rules and regulations of that country. 

However, the drug laws are stricter in some countries, so you should lean on the side of caution by leaving your CBD products back at home.

You might be wondering, can I bring CBD oil into the UK? Is CBD legal in Europe?

The quick answer is yes, as it is legal in almost every EU country. However, the legal THC threshold level for CBD in Europe is lower than in the U.S. 

Most EU countries require 0.2% THC concentration or less. 

Can I Take CBD Oil to France?

France allows 0% THC isolates. However, CBD with full-spectrum extracts is illegal as it contains THC.

Luxembourg and Austria allow up to 0.3% THC. CBD is illegal in Lithuania and Slovakia, while Switzerland allows up to 1% THC.

Can I Travel With CBD Oil in North America?

Here’s what you should know about traveling with CBD to Canada and Mexico:

Canada: Using marijuana flowers and leaves for recreational purposes is legal in Canada. 

However, CBD oil is not as it is considered to be a controlled substance used only for healing and therapeutic purposes. 

So if you’re going to Canada, you should not bother to take your CBD oil along with you.

Mexico: Mexico allows the use of marijuana in small amounts for recreational purposes. However, all CBD products with THC that are higher than 1% are illegal.

CBD Oil Benefits for Travelers

With the hype around CBD growing, more and more travelers are curious about traveling with CBD. We have listed down some benefits to help you make a beneficial choice.

Potential Anxiety & Stress Reliever

You could be anxious about missing the flight, or you might fear the turbulence; traveling anxiety is quite normal even if you’re a frequent traveler.

One of the primary reasons for carrying CBD oil on a plane is that it helps manage aviophobia (fear of flying), reduces traveling stress, and assists with anxiety symptoms. 

Taking CBD on the plane is safer than drinking alcohol since alcohol can alter your behavior and even lead to dehydration. However, CBD is non-intoxicating, so CBD products can play a beneficial role in relieving anxiety and making your journey smooth.

Relief From Other Flying Woes

Traveling in an airplane can impact your health. The low humidity level in the cabin may hurt or dry out your skin. That is why you may sometimes land with a puffy face or a new acne breakout, especially when you fly at a very high altitude. 

However, a CBD lotion can help hydrate your skin and prevent these flying woes.

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Helps Control Pain

One of the most disliked factors about plane rides is the long sitting hours. Many people find sitting in one place and position for the entire flight duration the most challenging aspect of traveling.

CBD can work wonders to alleviate the pain, making your flight enjoyable and making travel more fun.

Elevates Energy Level

No matter how much you might claim to love it, traveling is tiring. Packing, traveling, unpacking – it’s enough to drain the energy out of anyone. 

A remarkable feature of CBD oil is its power to rejuvenate your energy. A dose of CBD can help you get rid of pain and elevate your energy levels so that you can get right into tourist mode as soon as you reach.


CBD oil can help to relieve anxiety and help you cope with the stress associated with air travel. However, the legal challenges of traveling with CBD oil might  be more stressful for some.

The laws differ everywhere, so before traveling, don’t forget to check the destination laws regarding CBD products.

We hope you have now found the answer to the question ‘can I travel internationally with CBD.’ Since you have all the information now, lay down your choices and choose the one that suits you the most.

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