Best Delta-8 Brands of 2021

The recent buzz surrounding delta-8 has made people pretty curious. Since its production is legal in some US states, many THC users are comparing it with delta-9. 

And in some cases, regarding it much more beneficial than the former. 

Moreover, new companies are coming forward with delta-8 products that look pretty promising. From vapes to gummies, there is a lot available in the market today. 

But what is delta 8? Does delta 8 get you high? And which brands excel in this substance? 

To find out, keep reading. 

What is Delta 8? A Brief Introduction 

For those unaware, delta-8 is a cannabinoid substance. It has become pretty popular in a short time because it has properties similar to that of THC. 

THC is a component found in cannabis that can make you high and can cause happiness, euphoria, and lots of symptom relief. Both THC and delta-8 have similar chemical structures. 

The scientific name of THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. And, delta-8 is also the short form of delta-8-THC. 

While they are pretty identical in many ways, delta-8 is far less potent than delta-9

But does delta 8 get you high? Yes, it does. However, the effect is not as strong as with  delta-9. 

Consumers living in states where THC is illegal can try this compound to experience similar but controlled results. Moreover, since delta-8 offers a mild and smooth high, it may be an excellent option for people looking for cannabis that doesn’t give them paranoia and anxiety. 

Delta-8 can be extracted from the hemp grown in the USA and is slowly making a mark in the cannabis industry. It is available in different forms, including gummies, vape juices, and tinctures. 

If you are interested in buying a delta-8 product but are not sure which brand to invest in, you are on the right page. 

Below is the list of the best delta 8 brands that are selling great products for their users. Read through the reviews and form a decision. 

Tips to Select The Best Delta 8 Brands

Before we dig into the list, here is something you should know. Delta-8 products are expensive, so it is always wise to buy from famous and reputable brands. 

Moreover, purchasing a cannabis product can be pretty tricky. So, if you want to stay on the safe side and buy a genuine item, read through customer reviews and experiences before you make a choice. 

If a brand ticks all the right boxes, it is indeed worth trying. The companies below have been carefully selected, so you don’t have to do any homework. 

The Best Delta 8 Brands 

So, if you are ready now, let’s read the reviews. 

Happy Delta

Happy Delta’s goal is to offer premium Delta 8 THC products extracted from American-grown hemp to consumers. Happy Delta’s product line is developed and designed to have the best in flavor out of all of the Delta 8 brands and is of the highest quality.

Everything Happy Delta produces comes from industrial hemp plants and contains the legal limit of less than .3% of Delta 9 THC. Happy Delta has an elaborate set of offerings which includes gummies, vapes, and disposable vapes.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is pretty well-known for its quality of products and extraction processes. It produces a variety of CBD products and also some delta-8 capsules and oils. 

Many reputable scientists and researchers on board produce THC and CBD products worth your money. Diamond CBD also sells delta-8 products from its sub-brands. For instance, the Chill Plus Delta Force Square gummies are unique and a favorite among THC users. 

The Extreme Tropical Mix Gummies is also one of the bestsellers at Diamond CBD. Chill vape cartridges, Delta-8 pre-roll, and Delta-8 Bites’ fruity gummies are readily available on this brand’s website. 

Since Diamond CBD offers a wide range of brands in its portfolio, many users may get confused while searching for the appropriate one. But, this company provides user-friendly policies and excellent customer service, so you won’t have a problem finding your favorite item. 

Delta Effex

Another brand that deserves a place on this list, Delta Effex, produces premium quality delta-8 products and offers quite an impressive variety. There are cartridges, tinctures, pods, and disposables on the website, ready to make their way into your stash. 

Delta Effex Rainbow Pack is one of the favorite gummies of many consumers. Moreover, the Razzberry Kuch cartridges and Grand Daddy Purp are among the bestsellers. 

Delta Effex also offers three flavors of delta-8 disposables that are very fruity and delicious. The Delta-8 THC-infused hemp flower is a comparatively new release but has grabbed consumer attention within a short span. 

Delta Effex makes sure each one of them goes through a quality check procedure before you spend your money on it.  


In 2019, 3Chi entered the delta-8 market and became the first American company to produce and sell legalized THC products. 3Chi is famous for producing top-quality delta-8 products by using premium hemp and safe processes. 

All 3Chi’s productions are vegan and gluten-free. Moreover, all the items are lab-tested for efficacy and safety. 

This brand offers a wide range of delta-8 goodies. From vapes to tinctures and edibles, there is a lot you can get under one roof. The Delta-8 THC Gummies are pretty popular among consumers. Moreover, the THC carts are available in an array of flavors. 

While 3Chi is slowly becoming a leading brand in the delta-8 market, it still needs to work on its customer service, which isn’t very smooth. Moreover, it lacks a good return policy that can drive its consumers away. 

Moon Wlkr

Moon Wlkr was one of the first few brands specifically created to experiment and introduce delta-8 products in the market. Its primary focus is to produce premium quality delta-8 items through safe processes. 

It believes in innovation which is pretty visible in its attractive product line. The Moon Wlkr Delta-8 gummies are available in unique flavors that no other brand has yet ventured into. Moreover, the Strawberry Gelato-Calypso vape and Sour Lemon Haze-Titan vape may sound strange but have all the qualities of a top-quality product. 

Moon Wlkr takes pride in manufacturing non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and chemical-free products. Moreover, it offers affordable items so everyone can conveniently enjoy their delta-8 offerings. 

But, this brand has pretty limited product categories and lacks an effective exchange policy. To stay in the market, it needs to work on these flaws efficiently. 

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If you want to experience THC-like effects but with favorable results, you may want to try delta-8 products. But, before you do, you need to be sure whether your state allows the sale and purchase of this substance or not. 

There are very few best delta 8 brands that provide good quality products with user-friendly policies. So, instead of experimenting, try the items from companies mentioned in the above list and save yourself from any fraud. 

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