10 Practical Tips to Help You Manage Sunday Scaries

After a long stressful week, you may look forward to a relaxing weekend. But before you know it, the weekend is over, and you might find yourself feeling anxious about Monday. Even if you are relaxing with your family or just having a moment to yourself, Sunday night anxiety is natural, and it can make one feel uneasy.

If you have a busy lifestyle, the chances are that the weekends are when you unwind and free your mind from worries. But when the weekend comes to an end, the thought of a busy week ahead can be pretty scary. 

What are Sunday scaries? And how can you manage them? Here we will answer these questions and discuss some anxiety management tips.

What Are Sunday Scaries?

Sunday scaries refer to the anxiety you feel when you transition from weekend to weekday. Sundays are when the week is coming to an end, and you might find yourself thinking about the week ahead and what it holds. Anxiety isn’t the only thing you may feel if you are experiencing the Sunday scaries.

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You may also feel lethargic, sad, and have a sense of dread about Monday. Everyone may experience differently; some people may find it easier to deal with, while others might stress out easily. It is normal to feel anxious about what the near future holds, and there are many ways to manage this end-of-the-week anxiety.

Ways You Can Avoid Sunday Scaries

Our weekdays are more structured and stressful for most of us, and weekends are when you tend to relax and unwind. Transitioning from weekend to weekday can be challenging, and it is only normal to dread Monday. But luckily, there are many ways to avoid this feeling, and Sunday scaries management is relatively easy.

Here are some ways that you can beat the end of the week stress:

Stick to Your Sleep Routine

Most of us tend to stray away from our everyday sleep routines during the weekend. People prefer to stay up later and watch movies or spend time with their families. But this can only make the Sunday night transition harder to deal with.

If you stick to your regular sleep routine, chances are you’ll wake up feeling refreshed on Monday morning. Having a cup of soothing chamomile tea or bundling up in comfy sheets can be an excellent way to fall asleep easier.

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Make a Weekend To-Do List

It is always a good idea to make a list of things you need to get done. By making a list at the end of your workday on Friday, you can prevent yourself from forgetting any tasks that you need to do. Making a list and prioritizing tasks can help reduce stress significantly.

We often tend to get occupied during the weekends and forget about any important things or weekday prep that needs to be done. A list is a great way to remember those tasks and get them out of the way, so you don’t worry about them when Sunday ends.

Make a Routine for Sunday Night

You can always distract or soothe yourself before your Sunday scaries start. It is a great idea to create a small wind-down routine for Sunday night to help you manage pre-weekday anxiety. A Sunday night routine is a great way to ease into the evening without the added pressure.

Perhaps you can take a warm, calming bath; adding some drops of essential oil to your bath can make it ten times more relaxing. Warm baths are not only great for easing anxiety but are also a form of self-care. You could even put on a revitalizing face mask while you soak in the bath.

Journaling is another excellent way to ease your mind. You can write down your thoughts and feelings, and you can even pen down some short-term goals you want to achieve during the week.

Managing Sunday Scaries In the Moment

If you find yourself dealing with the Sunday scaries, there is no need to panic. Here are some anxiety management tips that will help you deal with Sunday scaries at the moment:

Make a List of Things You Need to Tackle

Listing down tasks that you need to tackle on Monday is a great way to stop worrying about them. Take some time to think about small things you may need to do, such as sending emails and jot them down on a list. Once you have written them down, you can feel reassured that you won’t forget about them once the week starts.

Cut Down Screen Time

Social media is full of things that can be anxiety-inducing, and scrolling mindlessly for hours is not doing you good. 

Using your phone can also make it harder for you to fall asleep as it may mess with the way your body produces melatonin. Make sure to put your phone away and limit screen time a few hours before bed.

Distract Yourself by Doing Physical Activities

Distraction is a great way to reduce anxiety, and what better way than doing a physical activity that you enjoy. Exercising is not only good for you but can leave you feeling fresh and happy once you’re done. You can do some cardio or maybe put on some music you like and dance to release adrenaline.

But if exercising isn’t something you enjoy, maybe you could clean up the house or go for a short walk. 

Remind Yourself That It’s Normal to Feel This Way

Remember to give yourself some love when you feel anxious and remind yourself that Sunday scaries are normal. You are not alone, and there is no need to overcome this if you do not feel like it. 

Take some time to yourself and indulge in some self-love, and remember that anxiety is what makes you human.

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Final Words

Sunday scaries can be frustrating, but it is easy to deal with them. If you do feel like you absolutely cannot deal with this end-of-the-week anxiety, you can always talk to a therapist. But keep in mind that it is entirely normal to feel this way.

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